It’s Just a Phase

App design

Application re-design for It’s Just a Phase, an app that helps you plan, reflect and strengthen your connection to your inner knowing. 

Focused on moon's phases and the zodiac as universal and relatable abstractions that can prompt journaling and personal praxis.


Visual communication, Motion graphics

The ten-hour music event that took place at L’Usine on 4th of May 2024 in Geneva. Curated by asH! and commissioned by l’Orchestre de Chambre de  Genéve.

Poster design / social media applications, motion graphics / print programme

A visual identity to reflect the artistic vision of the project: it will embody fluidity between the different musical genres and formats presented, as well as fluidity in the sound and visual spatialization of the event.

The aim is to create an original, immersive event that invites the public to wander through the various spaces and resonate with the building's walls for several hours. 

We used the method of transfering waterproof innk from water to paper to create the original textures that used through digital manipulation for the final results.

Beyond Fear

Graphic design, Motion graphics

Print and digital communication for the exhibition 'Beyond Fear' that took place at the Cultural foundation of Tinos island.

Fear is an experience that reminds us that we are animals.
On view 15-30 July 2023.

Curated by UN Processedrealities
Generative art video by Markela Bgiala
Exhibition pictures by Danae Panagiotidi

Venus Volcanism

Art Direction, Graphic design

Art direction and graphic design for the new albut “TISSUE” of Eirini Rasouli AKA Venus Volcanism Modeling and rendered by Eleftheria Zanidaki.

Vinyl / Cassette

Venus Volcanism have been travelling around Iceland experiencing active volcanoes, powerful waterfalls, mesmerising landscapes, haunting Northern lights, plants and animals!
The experience every time is almost supernatural! Sometimes it feels like she is living in two worlds.

The visual idea was something earthly, as opposed to something alien or something that might seem alien. The task was to create a 3D abstract object that would look like a bit of reindeer moss (cladonia rangiferina), a bit of lava flow or lava stone and a bit of tissue, existing in the natural environment of Iceland.

Krama Festival 2023

Branding, Web design, Motion graphics

Brand development, communication material and website for Krama Festival.

Inspiration based on the concept ‘Boundaries’ using procedural art and digital collage to achieve our goal. Boundary is a real or imagined line that marks the edge or limit of something, the limit of a subject or principle, something that points out or shows an end.

In geography, a boundary is something (such as a river, a fence, or an imaginary line) that shows where an area ends and another area begins. In sociology, social boundaries are established social rules that are considered typical because most people in society agree that they are reasonable.

Music has the ability to stretch and extend the boundaries, mental or physical.
Music is everywhere and takes various forms, in different places and in different contexts.

Krama Festival, through its multilayering purpose, its collaborative and open philosophy, creates a foundation to challenge these boundaries and their meaning. Βorders can be stretched, blurred or even disappear.

Thetis Conceptstore

Branding, Web design

Brand development and e-commerce store for Thetis concept store in Glyfada, Athens.

Thetis (Greek: Θέτις [tʰétis]) is a figure of Greek mythology with various mythological roles. She appears mainly as a sea nymph, goddess of water or as one of the 50 Nereids, daughters of the ancient sea god Nereus.

The Thetis concept store is named after Nereid because of its location: it is located in Glyfada, a seaside area of Athens, but also because it makes a pun on the word "Theto" θέτω, which means place or define, representing the interior design values for the creation of a space.

Our ongoing collaboration with the Thetis conceptstore in Glyfada includes so far the development of the brand and the online store. For the concept, we tried to connect the ancient with the contemporary, the palette of Greek islands with the materiality of urban space, the large monolithic logo with modern and clean fonts.


Naming, Branding


New name and branding for the full service event planning company operating from Thessaloniki since the 90's (former Epilektiki diaskedasi). 

We developed their identity centered on flowers, which consistently symbolize occasions of joy!

Beauty Wishes


Introduction of the rebranding initiative for the self-care and lifestyle concept store, Beaty Wishes.

Our objective centered to craft an identity that conveys a sophisticated experience through a meticulously curated assortment of refined self-care offerings.
Ranging from high quality cosmetics to tasteful and eco-friendly home essentials, our vision prioritizes the fusion of elegance and practicality throughout every facet of the brand.

Descent to Lycabettus

Web developent + additional graphics

Website development for the final thesis presentation of Chris Reizis @silicon.kidney for the University of Architecture in Patras, Greece.

An Interactive Story Game. Journey through bunkers and intricate networks hidden beneath the earth's crust and find what's lying in the Athenian underbelly.

Navigate with the arrow or the WASD keys and search for the external links.
* Only for Desktop browsers

Sound: dr comet
Backdrop collage by @silcon.kidney

Krama Festival 2022

Visual comminication, Motion graphics

Graphic design and motion graphics for Krama festival 2022

Our aim was to create a communication between the festival, the main installation piece and all the graphic elements.

We yield the concept out of this years KRAMA'S subject, 'Entropic Nature'. We used the Cyanotype technique to create the base of the design, which was then manipulated digitally to bring the final result.

This technique is based on Cyanotype, a UV exposure and photosensitive chemicals, so the only parameters we had was the sunlight, branches and leaves we collected from the urban environment.
The final design for the poster was screenprinted on a mirror like paper that reflects the environment it sits in.

The video projection during the days of the festival was made from frames taken out of the posters artwork, moving and transcending through an organic motion following the same concept.

Photos by Iro Karavia

Time based editions

Web design, Social media, Photography, Video production

TBE is an art project / a series of books binding print to time, merging sound with paper.
We were commissioned to develop the visual identity and branding system as well as the website design and photography of the first edition of “Borderline Visible” by Ant Hampton
In order to experience  the books narrative, you have to follow an audio link via a QR code that comes with the hardcopy.

The concept we chose our final design direction is the soundwaves that are created from the audio that is linked with the book. The typography is inspired by the pixelated shape of the QR code (VG 5000 by Velvetine type foundry) in a balanced combination of the regular version of ROM font (ABC Dynamo) that was used as a copy font for the book (designed by Roland Brauchli

A flexible color palette that can be used for the various applications and communication material (digital or print) coming from the events or each editions theme.

Dimitris Loukas

Branding, Web design

In the realm of interior architecture, where artistry and functionality converge, our branding concept embraces the essence of minimalism, while celebrating the beauty of natural elements. Drawing inspiration from the purity of white space, we craft a visual identity that exudes sophistication and elevates the art of interior design.

The concept: 
Elegant, yet bold typographic elements resonate with Dimitri’s keen eye for precision and design acumen. The use of clean lines mirror the fluidity of interior spaces that the designer plan with unparalleled expertise.

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